Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Increase Blog Traffic and Boost Search Engine Ranking with Blogging

Blogging doesn’t need glossy graphics or complex HTML codes, it’s a an perfect system that all search engines love. Therefor search engines send a lot of web traffic, and even tend to Increase Blog Traffic due to its popularity. Especially Google adore blogs because they update frequently, have unique content, are easy to index and usually have a minimum of heavy graphics.

Most of us are aware of that one of Google’s rank criteria is the amount of inbound links, or links pointing to a specific web site. These links can cause a domino effect because they will refer to another website, which in turn will refer to another, and so forth. If a myriad of links start pointing to a website, this can do wonders for website search engine rankings and web traffic.

If you provide useful and interesting content increases interest among readers, it makes the blog site even more popular. Linking to other interesting sites and including important keywords while writing the blog can increase traffic. Blogging can promote a website by virtue of the number of links you as a blogger could put in your website.

Therefore sayings like “Blogging to the Bank” have become quite common online. Blogging is popular because its easy to start with and nowadays "everyone" has their own Blog. So competition has become quite fierce due to the increasing amount of blogs and bloggers fighting over the visitors.

Many bloggers strugle getting the traffic they deserve and are of course frustrated about this. They spend time and effort writing blog posts that hardly anyone see or know about. Unfortunately the most frequent visitors are spammers who post all kinds of rubbish. Adding this to the poor number of visitors several bloggers give up letting the blogs live its own life.

However, there is a solution. That’s what we want to discuss here at Increase Blog Traffic. Please come back soon, because we will show you techniques that generates massive web traffic and boost your search engine rankings significant. We will reveal both paid and free traffic strategies to suite your needs.

See you later :)


  1. Hi, thanks for an interesting article.

    I agree in most of the things you are saying here except such a strong focus on Google ranking. My strategy is to use multiple traffic sources in case one of them cut my site off. You never now and by using several online traffic streams the flow of visitors remains stable.

    Paid attention to your comments about bloggers giving up, its really sad that so many great blogs never make it.

    Interesting read, I will be back for more.

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