Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Power up your Blogging and Web Traffic

Updating your blog on with fresh content regularly can be quite hard some times. Especially if you run into writing block and you don’t find anything sensible to write about. That is tough especially if your readers expect you to come up with new posts all the time. You may experience less traffic and this along with a writing block is very de-motivating.

There is a smart way to solve this that will make your Blogging a whole lot easier, simply by using Private Label Rights (PLR) articles or e-books as content source. Use PLR articles for inspiration, rewrite and modify them into your own products and personality.

Smart or what?.. PLR content can be purchased near to nothing at places like E-bay, e-Junkie and Tradebit. Occasionally you get PLR content for free by opt-in to mailing lists. This will help you power up your blogging, impress your valuable readers, gain respect from the community and increase traffic to your Blog.

Here are 3 powerful tips to utilizing PLR content
  • Customize them into blog posts. All you have to do is to look for PLR content that relates to your niche
  • Build an E-mail list. Create your own e-books and let visitors that join you’re list to download them for free. This enables you to build relationships to your visitors and get loyal returning visitors.
  • Get more traffic. Compile unique special reports and offer them as a gift to your list members. Add links inside your reports and let them go Viral by allowing recipients to freely give them away to like minded.
    Make sure you customize and rewrite your PLR stuff into quality content that adds value. This is more or less free traffic, and very a powerful strategy to gain a good reputation and loyal visitors.